Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Three Worlds Collide

Ok, so this is the reality of my life. :-) I am the personification of a "global citizen." The fact that I was brought up in a very Latin family, where structure, respect, values, and purity are a must for the youngest of 4. Well, the youngest of 4 where I was the only girl. So here I am, first day of school at the German School. I don't speak a word of German, everyone is German, the books are German, the teachers.. even the lunch that these kids bring to school in their lunch boxes is GERMAN.. I failed to mention all this is happening while I am living in Washington D.C. German in school, French as my foreign language, Spanish at home, English in the world. That is where I will like to begin this Blog. This is how my entreprenurial drive begins..


Blogger Graham Glass said...

Awesome, congratulations on your first post Pilar! Out of interest, how old were you when you first went to the school you described? Regards, Graham.

Wed Dec 15, 12:15:00 AM  
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