Thursday, January 06, 2005


Tonight I started thinking about the meaning of the word "entrepreneur." I know that the first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of this word is an individual who has an idea, and sets out to create a profitable enterprise that adds value in some manner to society. It's an idea that fulfills a need, a want, solves something, or is better than the existing alternative. However, this definition seems a bit dry in my opinion. I look at myself, and I know that for me, being an entrepreneur is more a visceral feeling. Something I simply have.. I do think you either "got it" or "you don't." entrepreneurship is very difficult to 'fake' or 'copy.' You have to really thrive on the idea of making your "baby" work.. The notion of growing it, taking care of it, fertilizing it is what is thrilling.. I look at the word "entrepreneurial" and I decided to break the work down into two components. Entre and Neurialism. According to Merriam-Websters, "entre" is a variation of "enter"... and the definition is as follows:

enter-Variant(s): or entre entero-Function: combining formEtymology: Greek, from enteron -- more at INTER-: intestine

INTERNAL - intestine.. that to me is the KEY.

neu┬Ěral Pronunciation: 'nur-&l, 'nyur-Function: adjective1 : of, relating to, or affecting a nerve or the nervous system2 : situated in the region of or on the same side of the body as the brain and spinal cord : DORSAL

The second part of the word - "neurialism" is derived from "neural." Once again, it is an internal sensation. It is so strong it affects the neural or nervous system ..

I would be interested to hear some thoughts about other "entrepreneurs."


Blogger Graham Glass said...

Hi Pilar,

I think that another component of being an enterpreneur is the desire to do things "the right way", and specifically the desire to be one's own boss. Most entrepreneurs that I know, including myself, seem to have a track-record of causing problems when working for someone else due to a highly opinionated view of how things should be done differently, which often leads them to strike out on their own.


Thu Jan 06, 02:02:00 PM  
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