Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Executive Charisma

I was a reading a book on the topic of Executive Charisma. Executive Charisma is defined as, "The ability to gain effective responses from others by using aware actions and considerate civility in order to get useful things done."

The concept is very interesting. There are certain people who when you first see them, they exude a sense of confidence, and have a swagger in the way they walk that is extremely intriguing - it is that je ne sais quoi ability to influence without saying a word.

So, can Executive Charisma be learned or is it a part of the makeup of our DNA programing.. I wonder.. any thoughts? What do you think is Executive Charisma, and when you see it how do you define it? How can you get it.. here is a start,

1. Be the first to initiate. You must learn, as top executives have, the art of making the first move. That can mean making a decision before other people do, or being the first to greet people you don't know. Leaders go first.

2. Expect and give acceptance. In spite of work pressures and hectic schedules, never treat others in a way that you would not want to be treated.

3. Ask questions. Don't do it to impress, interrogate, intimidate, dominate, embarrass or put people in a corner. Instead, ask questions to improve knowledge and foster a learning spirit.

4. Ask and give favors. It's one of your best tools to bond with others.
Stand tall, straight and smile. You can never, for a second, be caught off guard. You need to convey an air of confidence.

5. Be human, humorous and hands-on. Humor is an essential ingredient of your success. Above all, it means being able to laugh at yourself.

6. Slow down, shut up and listen. Your own words are much less important than what other people have to tell you.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good Friends

I just finished a long discussion with my best friend from College, and after we talked, I got a sense of "wholeness." It sounds a bit strange, but when we get so busy its important not to forget those people who meant a lot during a transcendental time in life. Think about people, friends in particular, who you have not talked to in days, months, years... drop them a note, say, 'hey how are you.' It feels goooooood. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


How was Yours? Mine was relective... pensive... quiet... rainy.. uhmm does not sound much celebratory.. How was yours?? Do you have any traditions? I am always trying to learn about how people celebrate.. love to year what you have to say..