Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Harvard Business School

Throughout life I have always reached for the BEST, one could say as a kid my folks inculcated in me to reach for the stars.. never settle for the moon. This is an image of me reaching for the Stars. And loving it. :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

HARVARD here I Come.

WOW! it literally has been months since I have placed an entry into my blog. But life just has been a bit busy. First, I would like to share with my plethora of loyal blog readers (ok, maybe plethora is a bit of an exaggeration) the great news. There is going to be an addition to the family. :-) YUP, my wall of academic achievements is going to be expanded with, in my opinion, la crème de la crème in Higher Education. I am going to HARVARD. To be more exact, an Executive program at The Harvard Business School (HBS). I am excited, super energized, and ready to tackle the challenges this new journey is going to present me. So, HBS roll out the Red Carpet, 'cause this chick is heading with full force.