Sunday, March 13, 2005

Positioning Resort Communities

My friend , Jorge Moreno, who is a really fun singer and a Latin Grammy winner.

This was a fantastic event where my company, ALTEEVA, participated in a networking event to launch an exclusive community in the Bahamas. I find that the entertainment component is a critical in launching and positioning a community. For example, I know from experience, that people who experience a night of dancing, great music, and lots of fun will seek to recreate this experience. Of course it is naive to think that music, and entertainment alone will make a successful launch, but good entertainment never hurts. Has anyone experience FANTASTIC entertainment at any event? If so what was it? Did you have a band, karaoke (yup, this is super popular especially when catering to an Asian market segment), Latin dancing.. Share some unforgettable nights. This night was a blast for me. Other entertainers I have found rocks in real life at Resort Community launch and PR events are Sherryl Crowe, an Jimmy Buffet.


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